Dexter – The Story

(Condensed Version)

On June 10, 2011, two stray kittens (approximately 8 weeks old) unfortunately wandered near a pregnant woman and her two young boys at a Florida park. For some reason, this woman allegedly  beat these two defenseless kittens with an aluminum baseball bat and then encouraged her two sons to continue to torture them by throwing them up against a tree, kicking them and gouging one kitten’s neck with a stick. One died and the other was rescued by a brave young 10 year old boy who was one of those that witnessed this senseless and cowardly attack on these defenseless kittens. The surviving kitten (who was later named Dexter) was taken to the boy’s home where they then called their local animal services.

Dexter had serious head trauma and was suffering from seizures. A local well-known pet clinic, PetLuv Spay-Neuter Clinic in Brooksville, Fl, saw something in this little guy and took him in to try and do their best to nurse him back to health. They offered to absorb ALL medical costs for his ongoing medical care. They really wanted to see this little kitten survive and live as happy a life as possible.

Over the next several weeks, Dexter’s progress was going very well. Cautiously optimistic, one might say. His plight made him an instant celebrity of sorts. He had thousands of fans rooting for him from around the world. One of PetLuv’s veterinary technicians, Tiffany, offered Dexter a new home to live in. As you can see by the above pictures in this video tribute to Dexter, he was a loving and pretty happy little guy considering what he went thru. The pictures and videos that were shared with us “Dexter Addicts” showed him as a fun loving furball that just wanted to be a kitten. Things were looking MUCH more positive for him.

But unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse …

On Thursday, August 11, 2011, little Dexter started having seizures again. The seizures grew in intensity and continued thruout the weekend and by Monday, August 15, 2011 … The seizures became so consistent that the doctors couldn’t get the seizures under control enough to stabilize him. The little guy was just suffering too much, so the very difficult decision was made to euthanize him to free him from his considerable pain and suffering.

Tiffany, PetLuv Clinic and all of us “Dexter Addicts” were and still are, devastated by this sad turn of events.

While the little guy is no longer with us, I sincerely believe that his legacy will continue on and help with the fight against such animal cruelty as Dexter and his little brother suffered. This kind of stuff should NOT be happening in our society. More people need to be made aware of this in the hope that better legislation be sought to try and prevent this type of abuse. Help Put A STOP To Animal Cruelty! PLEASE let YOUR lawmakers know that you want TOUGHER laws against animal abuse/cruelty!

AS AN ADDED NOTE: The above video tribute to Dexter is meant to give people a pictoral look at this loving little furball of a kitten who for his short life in this world, was loved so much by his new family, those close to him and ALL those who followed his story and let him know he was loved. Dexter gave so much joy and love back to all. He was OUR little “miracle”!

Farewell My Furry Little Friend – I REALLY, REALLY Miss Ya!

Rick Wilson
Newport, RI USA

UPDATE: Since June 10, 2011, it’s been a roller coaster ride for those of us who have followed his story over this past year as we rallied for JUSTICE for little Dexter and his brother, Drake (who we never got to know because he died at the scene).

The first part of justice was granted to these little ones. On July 12, 2012, the woman responsible for the deaths of Dexter and Drake was found GUILTY of both counts of felony animal cruelty filed against her along with one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor..

The second part of justice was granted on August 2, 2012. The woman responsible for the deaths of Dexter and Drake was sentenced to 1 year in jail, 5 years formal probation plus other probation requirements when she is released from jail. It wasn’t what we had hoped for but at least it’s some measure of justice for what happened to Dexter and Drake.

It’s a bittersweet victory but a step in the right direction. Nothing will bring Dexter and Drake back but at least it’s some justice.

“The Miracle that was Dexter will not be forgotten. Having endured the worst of humanity in the beginning, God allowed him time to know love and humanity at it’s best before carrying him across The Bridge Himself. Tears fall softly for this little fighting heart… a part of his spirit will live on in us all.” ~ Starla Trivilino ~

“So the largest and strongest of the Angels came, for she alone was strong enough to carry a heart as big and brave as his. His life was short, but his brother was calling him, for he was all alone. We will unite in mourning, as we united in the fight for justice. He shall be remembered always and his courage and spirit will inspire us to continue even when all seems lost. He has been freed from his pain and suffering and has begun his journey to the next life. His brother will be by his side once more and together they will find the happiness they both deserved so much.” ~ Jon Seymour ~

“In 16 weeks, this 2lb ball of fluff touched the hearts of over 3,000 people across the world. He lived life to the fullest and taught us that in the face of horrific abuse and ignorance, love and humanity prevail. His life started with near death abuse from one human, his life ended having been filled with faith, hope and unwavering, heartfelt support from thousands.

Our little man did not die in vain – he showed us that his spirit could not be broken and we, as a society, cannot let abuse be toloerated. So ask yourself this, IF a 2lb ball of fur can do this in 16 weeks… WHAT can YOU do?” ~ Cathy Fitzgerald at PetLuv Spay-Neuter Clinic ~